Conceded Putz Poll Update

Before you take sides on clear voting favorites Gadhafi and Goodell, The Sporting News is reporting that “it appears that beleaguered Ohio State coach Jim Tressel forwarded e-mails about his players committing NCAA violations despite saying his concerns about the confidentiality of a federal investigation led him to keep the information from his superiors, the Columbus Dispatch reported Friday.

The revelation destroys Tressel’s defense that he didn’t inform Ohio State officials of the e-mails implicating the players because he didn’t want to endanger the federal investigation. Tressel is the subject of an NCAA investigation into whether he committed violations by not telling his bosses about his players’ issues.”

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3 Responses to “Conceded Putz Poll Update”

  1. Smack Says:

    The public seems to think a sweater wearing, professorial looking coach could not possibly understand the implications of his players involvement in the sale of Ohio State jerseys and equipment. BTW through a tatoo parlor under federal investigation. Hmmm Wonder how the season would have progressed without 5 starters? I’m sure that had nothing to do with his decision.

  2. Ian Paregol Says:

    Smack: Exactly why Tressel made the list. Experienced coach who fully knows what the consequences would have been if he would have done the right thing. I hope they strip the Buckeyes of their wins and send him packing. If they don’t, what are the students learning at that state university?

  3. Christopher Drayton Says:

    Let me just state for the record…ALL DIVISION ONE COACHES CHEAT!! Whether the participate directly or whether they have an assistant coach, member of the staff, 5th year tutor, or member of the grounds crew, there is some-a-cheatin’ going on!! There is way too much money and prestige vs. the sheer number of NCAA rules to be 100 % compliant all the time, not to mention the (hahaha this is almost too funny to write) student-athletes and their families who have their hands stuck out like Oliver Twist. “Please Sir, I’d like some more.”

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