Pennington Faces a 4th and Long

James Chadwick Pennington cannot catch a break.  In what must seem like an April Fools’ nightmare, Pennington, who has rehabbed his shoulder, not once,… not twice,… not thrice,… but four times after game related injuries during his career, sustained an anterior cruciate ligament tear in his knee while playing pickup basketball on Thursday.  Pennington has played all 16 games of the football season only twice in his career.

Chad made his first real mark in the NFL when he replaced Vinny Testaverde in 2002 and led the then 1 – 4 New York Jets to the post-season.  Pennington was limited to seven starts in 2003 as a result of broken hand suffered in the 4th game of the pre-season.  (Attention NFL Owners:  Why would any team plays its starting QB in the 4th pre-season game?)  Pennington’s shoulder woes began in 2004 when he injured his rotator cuff, but declined to have it surgically repaired – taking one for the team instead in an effort to keep the J-E-T-S in playoff contention.  2005 was a wash-out as a result of a re-injury to the shoulder during a game in September.  The “Golden Boy” won Comeback Player of the Year honors in 2006 (Jets), stunk up the joint in 2007 and was named Comeback Player of the Year again in 2008 (Dolphins).  Three games into the 2009 campaign, Pennington injured the same shoulder on which he had two previous surgeries, cutting short his season.  Most recently, against the Titans, Pennington who was given an opportunity to lead the Fins again when the other Chad (Henne) floundered, injured the same shoulder on the 2nd play of the game, effectively ending his 2010 season.

Pennington’s doctors will likely leave a fork in him during the surgical repair of his knee, because Chad is done.

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2 Responses to “Pennington Faces a 4th and Long”

  1. spounder Says:

    Personally, as a Red Sox fan, I am not thrilled with all these runaway predictions. The Red Sox added two pieces – Carl Crawford and Adrian G.

    Now lets assume Adrian replaces Manny’s numbers. The Sox won the WS twice in Manny’s 8 year Career in Boston (not complaining but just a fact). Ortiz is older. The Sox on paper look great but lets make sure the chemistry is there. Papelbon will likely not be the closer come 8/1.

    So are we saying that Carl Crawford makes them unbeatable. Carl’s not closing, Carl’s not helping Beckett with those hanging sliders, Carl’s not Jarrod Saltamachia’s personal tutor…

    And all those years that the Yanks were predicted to win a WS, the Sox prevailed a couple times. The Sox will make the playoffs but thats half the battle…

    We’ll see

  2. stop fascism Says:

    Hmm! seems like we share the same point of view.

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