A Cursedly Simple Answer for Red Sox Slow Start

The Developer of The Bench Jockeys always talks about sports Karma.   Streaky-hitting, baseball players and Major League franchises rise and fall with the karmic tides.  After all, the Boston Red Sox endured 86 years of bad juju associated with a curse.  So what better time to talk about Karma than eight games into the 2011 season; a season where the folks at Fenway Park printed Red Sox World Series Champs – 2011 T-shirts on March 30th.  And why wouldn’t they?  Virtually every sportswriter deemed the Sox a lock to win the AL East and 75% of the ESPN pundits were certain they will be in the Series. The only problem is that the “Greatest Team Ever Assembled” has opened the season 1-7 and Fenway Faithful are looking up stats about the 1988 Orioles rather than counting Carl Crawford’s steals.

While the Red Sox staggered out of the gate, the Fenway Sports Group (parent company of the Red Sox) gave LeBron James a minority interest in the FSG-owned Liverpool FC of the Premier League on April 6th.   In the minds of Boston fans, John Henry might as well be donning a black LeBron #6 jersey, singing showtunes from No, No Nanette while holding a Baby Ruth bar as a microphone.  Has the Sox ownership brain trust forgotten what karmic forces indwell 4 Yawkey Way?  If FSG needed a basketball player with some international appeal, why select Eastern Conference villain King James in a city with the Celtics’ storied history?  Hey, UK, ever hear of Larry Bird (old school) or Kevin Garnett (nu skool)?

Something tells me that the Heat will be facing the Celtics in the playoffs.  Look for LeBron to drain a trey from the corner to knock the Celts out over the next three years, before a series of “close-but-no Red-Auerbach-cigar” finishes for the ensuing 83 seasons.

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