Waiting for Goodell

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has been using his idle time to reach out to NFL Season Ticket Holders to offer his support and assurances during this period of uncertainty.  I have not received my call yet, but I am certain it is coming any day.  Roger recently told a Pittsburgh Steelers Season Ticket holder that he is confident that there will be a full 2011 season played.  In the unlikely event that the work stoppage seeps into the Fall, his goal is that there will be a Superbowl.  That technically gives him until February 5th, 2012 to get a deal done to save the 2011 season.  No wonder he has plenty of time to reach out and touch us with his wisdom.

NFL Season Ticket holders are being assured that they will receive 1% on their money if any games are not played.  Wow, that’s reassuring.  If we have to miss an entire year of football, my $3500 investment in my team will be worth 35 dollars (Not even enough to buy a replica Randy Moss Titans jersey).  This, of course, assumes that they calculate the whopping NOI on the full year not just on the four months timeframe that the NFL games should have been played.   In that case, I will be seeing just shy of 12 dollars.

That’s OK – I’m just lucky to have the privilege of being an NFL Season ticket holder whether  or not the NFL is actually open for business.  I realize that I am a small speck on the NFL landscape, so I assume Roger is planning to call all the Corporate Season Ticket Holders first.  You know, the guys who really pay the debt service on all these new Stadiums.  The Patriots, for example, have a rather innocuous club section called the Fidelity Investment Clubhouse.  I’d love to be on the phone for that call:  “Hi Mister Johnson.  This is Roger Goodell. Don’t worry about your $2 million dollar annual investment at our Stadium.  We will guarantee your money with a 1% return……Oh, Sir, I dont know anything about your Magellen Fund’s return.  I’m just a Lawyer running the biggest entertainment business in the country.”

All I know is that when Goodell calls, I’m going to thank him for all he is doing and ask him if it is okay to renew my Fantasy league by June 25th.  I will don’t want to lose my $40 early renewal discount because Roger’s goal is, after all, a full NFL Season.  Thanks Roger, and please don’t call me after 9pm.

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