New Bench Jockeys Feature: Ma Nishtana

images[3]The Bench Jockeys are giving Spounder his own continuing feature which will be found under the category, Ma Nishtana.  “Why Bench Jockeys, why?  Why is the content in Ma Nishtana different from all other categories?” you ask.  Because the analysis found in Ma Nishtana seeks to ask and answer questions much like Di Fir Kashes (The Four Questions) from the celebration of Passover.  The Q&A format will be easy to understand for even the simple-minded son.

Interestingly, the term “Ma Nishtana” has taken on a new meaning as well – which also suits the snark scale at The Bench Jockeys.  According to the urban dictionary, “Ma Nishtana” now also connotes the “utter lack of surprise” to some bit of news.  For example, Dan Synder overpaid another aging retread in free agency. Ma Nishtana.  Or ESPN is reporting something about Tiger. Ma Nishtana.  Or the over-under on the NBA All-star game is 280. Ma Nishtana.  Get it?

So when the mood hits him, Spound will drop some righteous Ma Nishtana.  Enjoy this new featurette which we hope will heighten your reading pleasure.

– The Bench Jockeys

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