Hybrid Theory

After returning from five days and nine rounds of golf in Myrtle Beach with my new favorite golf club – a hybrid – it got me to thinking how there’s more and more combo platters these days.  Every day we come across two ideas/products/life forms that have somehow been combined into one presumably preferable concept.  For example, words (bigamy, from the Latin meaning: twice and the Greek meaning: wedlock), convertible bonds (what’s better than that), dogs (I prefer the Dorkie, a Dachshund/Yorkie hybrid), mermaids (obvious upside), plants (peppermint is actually a hybrid between spearmint and water mint), fruit (grapefruit is a hybrid between a pomelo and the Jamaican sweet orange), sports (Frisbee golf & Horseball [a combination between polo and basketball]) and of course, politicians.

When President Obama extended the Bush tax cuts, his donkey’s snout became an elephant’s trunk.  When President Bush enacted TARP, his elephant ears shrunk to the size of a donkey’s. Maybe this country would be better off if  all the states were purple.  Today we have the moderate Blue Dog Democrats, Boll weevils (which are conservative southern Democrats), gypsy moth Republicans (typically moderate representing north eastern and midwestern urban areas), and of course the Tea Party, based on conservative and libertarian views.  All hybrids, aimed at combining the best aspects of two philosophies.

It’s a great mental exercise.  Think of two things you like (or dislike) and consider how they’d be if they were combined into one.  Then come up with a name.  Let us know your suggestions.  I’ll lead off.  How about a cross between a puma and an orangutan…

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4 Responses to “Hybrid Theory”

  1. Butch Trischman Says:

    Nice work Craig. I’m sure that you hit the hybrid well. Imagine if we could make hybrids between our favorite foods, a couple of our favorite athletes or how about a couple of supermodels? This could emerge as one of my favorite topics.

  2. Ian Paregol Says:

    Butch – you would make an excellent addition as a Bench Jockeys contributor.

  3. Mrs. Earl Gray Says:

    I would like to make a hybrid of Wyoming and Maryland.

  4. Butch Trischman Says:

    How about multi-faceted hybrids. A hybrid between Aspen, Barbados and Kiawah Island might work. How about and entertainment package that was a hybrid between The Kentucky Derby a Murder Mystery and a Band of Brothers virtual reality tour. Sign me up with a pen, er or a pencil er maybe some combination writing utensil.

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