The King James Curse….Just Like We Told Ya

Well, we have earned another ‘Pat (Riley) on the back.’  Over a month ago – on April 9th to be exact – with a handful of games left in the regular season, The Bench Jockeys guaranteed a Celtics-Heat post-season match-up and we told you it would not end well for the Celts.  We surmised that the newly-inked Unholy Alliance between the Fenway Sports Group and LeBron James was an affront to everything Boston and would result in chaos in the streets of the North End and on Landsdowne.  We even suggested that ol’ 33 would have been a more appropriate partner for the FSG venture and questioned the wisdom of such a union, ripe with such frightful potentialities for the Boston faithful.  We even told you how it would end… a  dagger trey by King James to knock the Celts out of the playoffs.  And by golly, it unfolded exactly like we called it.

No one heeded the warnings we issued the following day (April 10th) when the power of the King James Curse first manifested itself during a 100-77 dismantling of the Celtics by the Heat where Miami secured the #2 seed for the playoffs.  However, we didn’t go so far as to offer the icing on the cake:  LeBron posted an iconic ’33’ in Game 5 or as we like to call it, a ‘Larry.’  That’s just a horrific insult to injury in Boston.  In Beantown, there is #9 (Ted Williams), #4 (Bobby Orr) and #33.  Although D Wade put up 34 points in game 5, it will be LeBron’s 33 that will become part of New England’s lore as the King James Curse becomes Boston’s newest karmic albatross.

Production Note: For the next 85 years, John Henry will be playing the role of Harry Frazee.  Thank you, and enjoy the show.

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