Late Rounders

You know that feeling you get around the 9th round of your Fantasy Football draft?  You’ve assembled your starting team, and may have even selected your Kicker and a back-up or two.  The pickings are getting slim.  You have your re-treads, guys you may never have heard of depending on your level of prep work, some big mouths trying to make a name for themselves, a whole host of back-ups, some injured guys who “could” start if a medical miracle happened, and of course, the long shot.

Reminds me of the current GOP Presidential candidates.  Newt Gingrich is the ultimate re-tread.  Nothing left on the tires except  his name spray painted in obnoxious neon pink.  Pizza Man Cain, no political experience, thinks he’s discovered a painless Nirvana in his 999 plan.  (Turn it upside down and it’s the 666 plan.)  Hmmm.  Rick Perry?  Rookie QB coming out of a college system that is run dominated, and is trying to become a first rounder.  Never going to happen.  Bachman?  Nice uni, that’s it.  Ron Paul?  Old veteran with mediocre stats trying to hook up with Super Bowl Contender.   Huntsman?  Clearly the guy you’ve never heard of.  A walk-on at a Division II school.  Maybe Mitt Romney?  Has thrown a lot of INT’s, not sure if he should throw the ball right handed or left handed, but has won a few big games in his career.  You can’t feel great about pinning your hopes on him, but his name floats to the top of your list.

You can scrounge around, hope to find a diamond in the rough.  Maybe Chris Christie?  Not an option; he decided to get a full degree from his undergraduate school.  Trump?  Come on, this draft actually means something.   Rick Santorum?  Not worth the ink to comment further.  And then there is Sarah Palin?  That nails against the blackboard sound is the paint scraper on the bottom of the barrel.  Maybe its time to peek at your buddy’s list….

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