Opening Day for The Bench Jockeys

It just seemed appropriate that The Bench Jockeys initiated their Blog to coincide with the start of the 2011 MLB Season.  Although there is nothing like debating AL and NL Pennant chances for the upcoming baseball season and analyzing the strengths, but more likely, the weaknesses of current and former ML players, starting this Blog at this time offers The Bench Jockeys the opportunity to assess the potential play-off scenarios in the National Hockey League, as well as the contenders and the pretenders for the Green Jacket, which is  just around the corner on April 7th.  The NBA is just absolute garbage, so you won’t see much from us about that steaming pile, but you will be able to read about the Final Four and VCU’s improbable run.  (We don’t hate basketball, we just hate the NBA.)  Conflicts, oddities and head-shaking actions within NASCAR, soccer, tennis, even the much-maligned PBA, will be served up with cheeky commentary and exploration.

But it’s not just about sports here at The Bench Jockeys, oh no.  We have opinions about any number of subjects.  And along with the sports banter, we intend to mix in a fair share of analysis about the national political scene, potential domestic and global crises, and of course, we fully intend to heckle leaders deserving of derision.  We hope that you will come along for the ride and participate in the discourse.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice it in the pic above, Barack Obama is a lefty.  Now, there’s a big surprise.

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8 Responses to “Opening Day for The Bench Jockeys”

  1. Andrea Barron-Hughes Says:

    Really looking forward to keeping up with this site. Not much of a basketball fan, except watching my son, but can’t wait for baseball. The political and sarcastic twist will be a welcome diversion to the real thing.

  2. Julieta Says:

    This is so awesome. Can’t wait to read the commentary.

  3. Julieta Says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on hockey… I don’t care much for any of the other sports, but I have some feelings towards the Orioles… lol

  4. Smack Says:

    It’s official…opening day…Sox have already been tagged for 3 home runs by the Rangers, but with 161 games Left it’s time to sit back and enjoy the season. Go Sox!

  5. DAN THE MAN Says:

    From 1995 to 1999 I published a cutting edge, Internationally read e-zine called THE WIZ. It was way ahead of it’s time and as editor I got to air daily whatever was on my mind in the column I called DAN THE MAN’s Brain Freeze. Little did I know then that I was blogging, as blogging hadn’t yet been invented. I welcome a place where I can once again thaw-out my Brain Freeze and share it with others. Thanks Ian for this great idea.

  6. Ian Paregol Says:

    Dan The Man: Happy to serve a tasty cup of Brain Freeze whenever you feel inclined.

  7. Butch Trischman Says:

    I’m impressed that you even know that the PBA is much maligned. Yes, the NBA is a stinking pile (Linsanity aside). I think I like the O’s in the AL East, you?

  8. Ian Paregol Says:

    I think the O’s will win no more than 71 games in 2012.

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