Barbour’s Odds Take an Immediate Downgrade

14 hours after establishing odds for the 2012 Republican nomination, The Bench Jockeys have their first modification.  Haley Barbour has been downgraded to 15:1 from his opening 10:1 odds.  AP’s recent analysis of Haley Barbour’s work during his years as a lobbyist  is likely to provide his Republican adversaries some ammunition against him come campaign time, especially in early-season bell-weather Iowa.

Barbour Griffith & Rogers advocated for Oxygenated Fuels Association, a fuel additives trade association which worked in opposition to the ethanol industry critical to Hawkeye voters.  In addition, Barbour’s firm represented the Mexican government on trade and immigration issues and helped a three Mississippi universities secure pork barrel federal funding.  Although all is fair in love, war and lobbying, as opponents unpeel this onion, Barbour will have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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