Gary Johnson Makes it Official

April 21 – Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, officially threw his hat into the ring today in New Hampshire but remains a Republican darkhorse.  Because The Bench Jockeys saw this one coming and determined that Johnson has barely a prayer of securing the nomination, Johnson’s opening odds – 500:1 – remain unchanged.  The skinny on Johnson is that as Governor, he rarely came across a piece of legislation he liked – setting national records for his utilization of the gubernatorial veto, he opposed the war in Iraq from the get-go, he favors putting the educational system entirely in the hands of parents & local authorities and he supports legalizing marijuana as a means to combat the drug-related violence.

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3 Responses to “Gary Johnson Makes it Official”

  1. Mrs. Earl Gray Says:

    Nice update. Good job dusting off those horseshoes.

  2. mike green Says:

    so his odds are better than the skins to win the super bowl

  3. Ian Paregol Says:

    Interestingly, the Redskins are 50:1 to win the next super bowl; I think those odds are way too generous.

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