Shuffle at the Top

November 20, 2011 – November continues to be a month for shakeups.  And we aren’t just talking about the insane BCS Rankings which will be released later today.  Although Romney appears to remain the number 1 seed with 10 months to go until the GOP Convention, the number 2 candidate has shifted.  The cagey Newt Gingrich – doing is best Lazarus impression after the mass exodus in June of his campaign teams in NH, SC and Iowa – has emerged as the chief rival to Mighty Mitt.

Unable to shake the sexual harassment allegations, Cain is slipping; unable to offer cogent debate on a national level, Perry is sliding; and unable to seem younger and a more plausible presidential option, Paul is plummeting.  Bachmann (who performed well in the recent South Carolina debate) let her campaign team get  caught up in complaining rather than having them push her exposure-limited, but effective, responses.  Huntsman and Santorum are not getting enough network airtime and they are suffering greatly for it. BT Dubs, is Gary Johnson still a candidate?

Our latest GOP odds for the nomination are posted below:

Tier 1

Candidate Background Open Current
Mitt Romney Former Gov – MA 7:2 3:2
Newt Gingrich Former Spkr of House 12:1 8:1
Rick Perry Current Gov – TX 50:1 14:1
Herman Cain Former Fed Reserve 25:1 25:1

Tier 2

Candidate Background Open Current
Ron Paul Current US Rep – TX 9:1 30:1
Michele Bachmann Current US Rep – MN 25:1 30:1
Jon Huntsman Former Gov – UT 40:1 40:1
Rick Santorum Former US Sen – PA 1000:1 100:1

Tier 3 – Announced candidates with zippy chance of winning. None of them can get an invite to the debate circuit.  Bravo Gary Johnson in leading this rat pack.

Candidate Background Open Current
Gary Johnson Former Gov – NM 500:1 5000:1
Thad McCotter Current US Rep – MI none 5000:1
Buddy Roemer Former Gov – LA 5000:1 10000:1
Fred Karger Political Consultant a trillion:1 a bazillion:1
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  1. Butch Trischman Says:

    Are the tier 3 candidates still alive or then again how do we even know? 5,000 to 1 that means that every 20,000 years we will end up with a Gary Johnson and his legalized bong water toupee in the oval office.

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