Playing Trump Too Soon?

Never one to shy away from the media, Donald Trump, has turned off the Klieg light on his potential run for the Republican nomination.  With his usual bluster, The Donald stated, “I will not be running for president as much as I’d like to,” but then opined, “I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and, ultimately, the general election.”  So if he wanted to run and he thought he would win:  a) why not run, and b) why end the speculation before the 2012 race is even off the ground?  He surely could have milked the political pronouncement to throw his toupee into the ring into a made-for-tv event like LeBron’s axis-altering decision to move to South Beach.

Although we only considered him a fringe player in terms of actual candidacy for the Republican nomination, we did fear  that support for his Presidential run would come from voters who would just want to see what happened if he won.  (Kind of like not being able to turn away from a crash.)  Although we are not convinced that at some point he may try to reappear as the self-proclaimed party savior, we are knocking his odds down to 1000:1 – he still remains a better shot at being nominated by the GOP than Fred Karger or Tom Miller, folks who are actually seeking the Presidency.

Still, we are kind of bummed that we won’t be able to wear 2012 election swag and T-shirts that say: “Elect Trump or there will be Hell Toupee.”

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2 Responses to “Playing Trump Too Soon?”

  1. Mrs. Earl Gray Says:

    It seems like some mistook his infomercial, deceptively titled “Trump for President” , as a forerunner of a presidential campaign, when in reality the subtitle, in small print, was “Patronize Trump and all his commerical endeavors.” He’s tricky that way.

  2. Puddy Says:

    He’s too blunt for politics anyway. I can’t really see him working to bring both sides of the aisle together, listening to other points of view etc. Go back to trying to take over corporate America, Trump…it’s what you’re good at.

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