Age Old Debates – Chapter 2: The Deficit

Posted in Age Old Debates on May 23rd, 2011 by Craig Zuckerman

US Representative Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio says, “Spend what you take in. That’s what every family has to do.” (Yes, that quote is correct.) But wait, how many families in this country have a mortgage on their home?  (Don’t forget, part of the mortgage you pay actually to REDUCES the principle, a concept unheard of in Washington).   How many have a loan on their car?  Let’s not forget those magic pieces of plastic in your wallet.  And don’t many families contribute to their retirement plans?

That’s the problem with Washington these days (OK, years, decades…). They just don’t get it.  What we should be doing  Read more »

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Age Old Debates – Chapter 1: The DH

Posted in Age Old Debates on May 16th, 2011 by Craig Zuckerman

Watching Jorge Posada struggle to hit my weight (when I went off to college) I began pondering the age old (ok, actually since 1973) debate of whether or not there should be a Designated Hitter in baseball.  The theory being that it is more exciting to watch a professional hitter bat rather than a pitcher attempt to hit.  (However, Jorge may be letting the air out of this argument.)  With the implementation of the DH Rule in the American League, older positional players who would normally have been put out to pasture when their fielding skills diminished, could extend their careers while keeping their accountants happy.  But should some new blood have a chance?   Clearly more strategy is involved in  Read more »

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