Lost Treasure

Posted in The Quick Hook, US Politics on September 7th, 2011 by Craig Zuckerman

Growing up, what little boy didn’t want to be a pirate?  Life on the high seas, wearing whatever you wanted, pillaging, and doing as you pleased.  And the best part, hunting for lost treasure.

In today’s ever-perilous economic times, fortunes are spent every day, some for good cause, some for fun, and some a complete waste of money.  Take for example the Gang of 12 “Super Committee”. In theory, a solid idea. With Washington being more dysfunctional than ever before (is that even possible?) 6 Blues and 6 Reds hashing out a plan to get us out of the Grand Canyon of debt and deficit spending sounds like a good idea, right?  But wait, I know my memory is a tad weak, but didn’t we just undertake the very same process with the Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Committee last November?  Hmmm – 3 Donkeys, 3 Elephants reaching consensus on how to get us out of debt and deficit spending?  Sound familar?  Now where could that confounded report be?  I picture it in the same secret giant warehouse where the Ark of the Lost Covenant was stored in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I bet we could also find the Knights of Templar Treasure there, a few Roswell alien bodies, maybe the real Dead Sea Scrolls.

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Age Old Debates – Chapter 2: The Deficit

Posted in Age Old Debates on May 23rd, 2011 by Craig Zuckerman

US Representative Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio says, “Spend what you take in. That’s what every family has to do.” (Yes, that quote is correct.) But wait, how many families in this country have a mortgage on their home?  (Don’t forget, part of the mortgage you pay actually to REDUCES the principle, a concept unheard of in Washington).   How many have a loan on their car?  Let’s not forget those magic pieces of plastic in your wallet.  And don’t many families contribute to their retirement plans?

That’s the problem with Washington these days (OK, years, decades…). They just don’t get it.  What we should be doing  Read more »

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