Meet the Management and Writing Team

Ian Paregol   Editor-in-Chief, Concept Design & Lead Blogger

  • Hometown:   Washington, DC
  • Profession:   Attorney & Non-Profit Director
  • Background: Political Science & Law
  • Special Interests:  The study of the consequences resulting from short-sighted decision-making, The Baltimore Orioles and the vilification of Peter Angelos
  • Favorite Sport: Hockey
  • Astrological Sign:  Leo

Craig Zuckerman       Sous Chef and Supervising Bottle Washer

  • Hometown:  Yonkers, NY
  • Favorite Meal:  Blue Crab
  • First Car:  1971 Buick Skylark (Lime Mist)
  • Guitar Hero:  Keef
  • Drink of Choice: Margarita on the rocks w/ JC Black Medallion
  • Favorite Sport:  Golf
  • Least favorite Club in the Bag:  The Putta
  • Theory of Choice:  Chaos
  • Most underrated chartacter:  Newman

Bill Spound    Cub Reporter and Junior Latex Salesman

  • Hometown:   Boston, MA
  • Profession:   Finance & Roto-titian
  • Background:  Marketing
  • Special Interests:  Neuroses
  • Favorite Sport:   Football
  • Astrological Sign:  Leo

Christopher Drayton    Contributor, Athlete & Unabashedly Uppity

  • Hometown:   New Bedford, MA
  • Profession:   Director or Transportation
  • Background:  Military
  • Special Interests:  Being a proud American
  • Favorite Sport:   Football
  • Motto:  “Life is not a dress rehearsal, live it!”

Brittany Lynn  Contributor and Part-time Jockette

  • Hometown:   Shoals, NC
  • Profession:   Educator
  • Background: Student of International Peace
  • Special Interests:  Running, Africa, Ethics
  • Favorite Sport: Baseball
  • Astrological Sign:  Leo